February 13, 2010

More memories from our trip

The trip to Germany already seems like a dream.

We did enjoy ourselves, I  met up with old classmates:

We met in the brand-new restaurant of Giuseppe and Corinna's, who bought my parents house and totally changed it.  It is gorgeous now, we would never have had the imagination to change it to what it is now.
Anyway, these ladies went to elementary school with me, and we had a lot of fun refreshing our memories.
Renate, on the left, remembered more than any of us.  Rita, 2nd from left, reminded us  how much she had to babysit for her nephew, who turned 50 last year!
Then there is me, and then Ellen.  Ellen's father was a policeman in our town.  Ellen told everyone when she was little, if her family needed money, her father would just issue a ticket.  She told us at the meeting, that she truly believed it as a child.
This is the group who got together to have their picture taken.  We were going for all of us, but it just didn't happen.
From the left it's my nephew Dominik, my 'little' brother Thomas, Nicole, me, Jackson and Tristan.  Photo courtesy of Cathy.

These houses, which look like they jumped out of the middle ages, are the bridge houses in Bad Kreuznach.  We went shopping there one afternoon, and I was surprised, how beautiful these houses are - and I went to school there for two years....
One more view.  The river below is the Nahe, and the wine from the region is fabulous.  By the way, I fell in love with a Dornfelder in Giuseppe's, so much, that he gave me a bottle to take home.  What a great red wine!
One more photo of my hometown.  On my what I thought to be last morning there.  It got cloudy not much later, but I do like the view.  I went up the hill behind my brother's house, and walked along the forest to the highest point before the highway.  In the back is the mountain called the Hochsteinchen.

And one more view of the four of us who met for coffee on the Tuesday before we went home.
It was fun, ladies!


  1. Ruth...what a great post! Almost made me feel like I was there with you. I'm so glad (and envious!) that you got to go and spend the time with everyone. It's so beautiful there and I love the Bridge Houses. And how great that you could meet up with old school friends and share memories..that's special. You got some good pictures to share with us. Too bad time flies, huh.. But you made some special memories and nothing can replace them.
    Now you get to slide back into reality here, haha. Thanks for taking me/us along...

  2. Unbelievable houses; Bad they are in germany... I wondered if this is not real. Great header I thought, how did she create this?
    Thanks for your lovely words, besides!!
    When I was a child, I red a book namned "THe house on the bridge", and this reminds me on it...thanks! :-)