February 7, 2010

The Rhine

It is late, and I just want to post a few more photos.  We went to the Pfalzgrafenstein today.  That is a toll `booth in the middle of the river, where in the middle ages they pulled a chain across, and held up all the boats or ships going in either direction.  I had never been there, although I do know just about all the castles on the left side of the Rhine in the area I am from.

The Rheingrafenstein or the Pfalz, which is the other name it is known under, was built in the 12th century, and is one of two castles never conquered and never destroyed.  It is pretty much in it's original condition, with very few changes over time.

The town is Kaub, and the castle is the Pfalz.
fron the inside
and our group with the 'guide' or keeper at the time.  You can reach the castle by ferry, and the ferry lands on the island, the worker on the ferry just takes the keys to your car and leaves it on the other side of the Rhein.  When the ferry comes back an hour later, you get the keys back, get the car, and  off you go. 
It was explained that it's done like that, because people would just leave their cars on the ferry without saying anything, and block the way for other cars, who just wanted to go across the river.
Pretty neat.
the view from the toll castle toward the Hunsrueck, and yes, we still have snow.
Jackson is up now and I have to be a grandma now, since Mommy went back to bed.
I don't mind, since his Mom is pregnant, and I love spending time with him.


  1. Wow, that's just awesome...I love that it was never destroyed. And how it sits on the hill of the town. I can just imagine back in time how all the peasants would go about their daily lives while looking up at the castle. Hope whom ever was 'In Charge' was a good leader. I would have been one of the peasants (O: And what a sweet Grandmother (and Mother) you are.
    Thanks for another great post with pictures from Germany! I'll watch for more..

  2. I came to you by way of Vivki from All My Memories..I am such an 'arm-chair' traveler! Thanks for taking us along in your pocket :-)

    Also, my daugter and her little family live in New Jersey as well! So, one day when I visit, maybe we can have coffee..until then, I welcome you to visit and know I'll be back to see where you're taking us next :-)