February 10, 2010


We were supposed to fly home today.

But a big snow storm is expected to hit the East Coast today.  So our flight was cancelled. 

We are confirmed to come home tomorrow.

In the meantime, I had a friend check on my house.

And this is what she found:

in front of my house, in my front yard.
I guesss, the bear misses me.
(yes, it is a bear paw print)
And yes, I live in the outer limit of the greater metropolitan area.  Of New York City.


  1. wow! gibts also doch viel schnee bei euch..... :-( wenn ich was für euch tun kann, lass es mich einfach wissen. ansonsten drück´ ich die daumen das es mit dem heimflug morgen klappt! drück euch, dani

  2. Oh Ruth... Good thing you weren't home, you may have been lunch! But really, you will report this to someone? From talking with you before, I don't think you live near the mountains.. this is scary!
    Hope you get home safe tomorrow and the storm has past by then. Let me/us know.
    And enjoy another day in Germany...