February 11, 2010

Home again, home again jiggedy jig

After a bit of confusion looking online to see if our flight was on time, and seeing 'canceled', and only after thinking for a few minutes that we would have to stay yet another day, did I realize I was looking at yesterday's flight.
Today's was still very much up, and supposedly on time.
My brother brought us to the airport, and it turned out to be the drive from hell for him.  Snow, and then one traffic jam after the other.  We did get to the airport in time, but didn't have time for a long good-bye.  He dropped us off, and had to leave because it was just a drop-off zone.

We got our boarding passes quickly and trekked to the gate.  Security.  Jackson (2 1/2) took the opportunity to pitch a world class melt-down, so bad, security waved us to the front of the line.  My daughter and I were already steeling ourselves for a flight from hell, since the fussing continued until we boarded.  But no, he was a perfect little boy for the 1 1/2 hour of waiting at the gate and the 8 hours flying after.  No screams, lots of smiles, a little wiggling when we tried to have him sleep, but the rest of the day he was great.
He did fall asleep 10 minutes before we landed, and that's the way I waved him, and his mother and father off.
So, we're back, and when I got to my house, a looooong-time friend had been thoughtful enough to have the front of my house plowed, as well as the walkway shoveled.  It was wonderful!!!


  1. WOOHOO! you're safely home and hopefully staying warm. I've been a little under the weather this week so I'm late getting here.

    So glad you had the snow shoveled too. Sounds like little Jackson knew the key to an early boarding (O: Love it!

    Ok, now you can settle down, cozy in and get life back in order. I'm so glad you got to go Ruth. I could tell in your posts that you were too...

    Come visit when you get time...

  2. schön wieder daheim zu sein, da ist es doch am schönsten :-) was great to see you!