February 10, 2010

Snow and winter walks

There is snow here and snow in the States.
On the days we didn't go to a tourist site or walked a town, I went for walks with my brother.  Ususally the same walk every day, what made it different was the weather.
And since we have until tomorrow we are taking advantage of the time, and Jackson is outside with his great-uncle and they are sledding.
I took my extra day as a sign to visit a friend of my parents, she is 91 years old, and we stopped by and said hello.  Sadly, I can see the signs of the times....
but here are some pictures of our walk...

the last one is the town I grew up in.

Last night I went and had my fortune told.
I will write about that some other time.

We just got a call that my mother-in-law died.
She was 89 years old, and living with my father-in-law very happily in an assisted living place.
No arrangements have been made yet, and we are still in Germany

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  1. Awww Ruth, I just got here...been trying to get back to the blogs after fighting a stupid viral, not the computer..
    So sorry to hear of the Mother in Laws passing. But you should be home in time, right?
    Glad you got to visit the old friend too. that's a memory to keep. And don't you love the wide open spaces there? I'm use to them here but you being in the city now...
    I love that you've shared all this on here. maybe you'll tell me more after you get home on an email. And I can't wait to hear what your fortune was...
    Fly safely home my friend and let me/us know when you're back in the States.