February 16, 2010

Snow again

It looks like Christmas outside.  Really!  Big fat snowflakes.  And they are covering everything.  It is really pretty.  But, can I go anywhere?  Will the highways be alright?  I should get material/fabric, but... maybe I can wait until tomorrow.

When I came home from Europe, I noticed that my house seemed chilly.  I put it down to the fact that my brother's house is heated by a 'Kachelofen', tile stove, and it gets warm.  Thinking I had to get used to living in my house again, I didn't pay any  attention until Sunday, when it finally got so cold for me, that I turned up the heat.  And nothing happened.  After checking downstairs, nope, that didn't work either, and fooling around with the boiler a bit (yes, I do try everything), I had no choice but to call a repairman.  He was kind enough to come last night, which I appreciated, since I didn't have to lose any time during my day.  It took him maybe an hour to switch out the control panel - the panel that controls when the boiler comes on,  Of course it cost me, but ....
The amazing feeling of luxury to have the house warm was unbelievable.  I just enjoyed it so much!  I kept the heat on upstairs at about 65 degrees F (I try to go lower, who needs a hot house when you're sleeping).  But oh, boy, was it great! The hot water had worked, even while the boiler was working erratically, so I didn't notice from the water either.
When I think of the mess I could have returned to had the boiler quit altogether! 

We will go to Rhode Island this weekend and pay our respects to my father-in-law - the kid's grandfather, since a funeral will be sometime in March. 
My son, his wife and so far the littlest grand-son will come up and stay with me until we go to RI.
So in the middle of mourning I will have the happy time of seeing them.

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