February 25, 2010

Same Day, just later

More snow pictures.

My daughter just called me and told me about her day.
She was supposed to bring the cats to the vet.  They called and asked her to come early - noon.  So she brought her two cats, got the check-up, went back to the car, and got one of the cats in the car.  Somehow the other cat carrier opened and the second cat jumped out and ran under the car.
No amount of cajoling brought the cat back out.  So my daughter thought if she started the engine the car would be scared and run out.
Nope, the cat tried to get into the running engine.  At which point my daughter realized the locked the car, and couldn't get back in.  With a scared cat under the car, snow all around...
Well, she went back into the vet's office and asked for help.  Three people came outside to help get the cat, one of them even lay down in the snow.  Success!  Now she had to wait for her husband (who had his own problems, something to do with difficulty with the snow plow) to come and bring the spare key so she could leave.
In the meantime daycare called, they were closing early.  She got there with one minute to spare, and her son was the last one to be picked up.
The three of them are now tucked in their house, where hopefully they'll stay!
Now to the 'few hours later' photos:
My favorite lilac bush, miniature blossoms, blooms a little later then regular lilacs.
Some hungry guests

Now you know what a Nor' Easter looks like!
And it's still snowing.
Not supposed to let up until Saturday.

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  1. Oh, I can almost laugh if it wasn't so sad! Glad things got straightened around. And more beautiful pictures of the snow..although we're all getting sick of it, it's still pretty...

    I can't wait to see a picture of your Lilac's in the favorite!