February 20, 2010

Rhode Island

Yesterday all my children were around my table again.  So nice.
They were all there except for Jack and Greg, who had plans for early morning today, and were on the road last night.
The rest of us got together, laughed, made chili with chocolate (only two pieces, but still) with rice and homemade cornbread, and salad, and a fabulous chocolate dessert after.  My son made the chili.  It was great!  I was surprised when he added water to it at some point, but it came out great.
We tried the new Scrabble card-game called Scrabble Slam, but I had to bow out in the first game, I'm just not fast enough.  Nicole was done with her cards when I had just put down one or two.

Today we are going up to Rhode Island to be with my father-in-law.  The funeral of the urn will be sometime next month, but we felt that a visit has to be made.  Rhode Island is about a four hour trip one way for us, which we used to make once in a while in one day, but it is hard.  So we are spending the night.  Only the girls without their families and my son with his and me, are going, since we feel a visit with all of us is too much.  As it is, we will split up our group, and visit separately.
We used to live in Rhode Island, by now a long time ago.
I loved living there.


  1. Good morning Ruth. Sounds like a fun friday with the kids. But did I read that right..Chili with chocolate? In the chili? Interesting...

    And I'm with you on the fast Scrabble game. I need time to think, that's what it's all about, right? Although my kids would do the yawn thing and drum fingers on the table (O:

    How nice to go visit your father in law. I'm sure it means a lot to him. And yes, a night over is best. Those 'there and back' trips are ok when we're younger and living in the fast lane. Besides, now can go visit memories while you're there.

    Ok, have a safe trip and let us know when you return and what you did.


  2. Dear Ruth,

    thank you for writing in my guestbook at my brithday! Your words pic up my courage:-)

    I like your blog with all your family-stories!

    The best for you and your love ones.