February 26, 2010

Friday morning - still snow(ing)

This is the view that greeted me this morning. It's pretty rare that the snow on the deck is this high.

I was enjoying my coffee, when I heard a car in front of my house. Couldn't go forward, couldn't go backward. Being nosy, I moseyed on out there with the shovel, and asked where he thought he was going. The snow on the road was at least 6" high, the plows hadn't been through for a good long while.
To work, was the answer. I helped shovel around his car, by that time some other neighbors and his wife showed up, and we got him to the side of the road. By that time the plow came through as well. It's still bad around here.

This is my street AFTER the plow came through. Winter wonderland. See how high my car is covered? Wanna come over and help shovel it out? We'll have a party! Bring bird food!

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The birds are hungry, no doubt. I had some grapes that were going bad, they love them. And I feed them the 'cakes' I get at Walmart. If I feed loose birdfood, the squirrels show up in hordes.
Enjoy your Friday!
 One more view of the front of my house - see the snow on the roof?  Still not as bad as in 1995 when my mother was here for Christmas.


  1. Hi Ruth...
    Hope you're staying warm, especially after pushing some guy outta being stuck! And I know the birds love ya! I take it you're not going to be driving anywhere soon? Hey, go find that guy to help shovel YOUR car out (O:

    Take care..


  2. Ach du meine Güte! Für einen kurzen Augenblick dachte ich, das wären noch Fotos aus Deutschland, aber als ich die Stromleitungen gesehen habe ...
    Das ist ja schrecklich. Bei uns ist es so warm, das ich mit Socken und langärmeligem Pullover etwas overdresst bin, aber morgen soll es bei uns auch wieder schlechter werden ...

  3. Hey Ruth, Love your description of things.
    Stay warm. Love the picture of your car under the snow! Laurie

  4. oh wow! na herzlichen glückwunsch! heute haben wir sturm, also es ist stürmisch. aber wenn ich deine bilder sehe.....denke ich das wir das in 2 wochen auch haben, natürlich nicht so heftig....halte durch liebe ruthi! K&D!