February 3, 2010

I am home

We got here!  It is fun, and we already celebrated a birthday, slid on inner  tubes in the snow in front of the house, and visited a couple of towns.

this is the church I got confirmed in, and got married in.

the building on the left is the elementary school I went to from grade 1 to grade 8.
In the building on the right were the apartments for the teachers.

On the right is the house I grew up in. 

we had snow!

More next time, my girlfriend is here and I am going to enjoy her company.


  1. I LOVE these pictures! I need to send others here to see...
    Thanks for the ones you sent to me too. Interesting that the school is smaller than the apartments for the teachers. Even more that they are there! I love how things are close together, not on square streets like here in Utah. And how fun to go tubing on the street. What a lovely Church. Hope it's sweet memories, although I can understand some sadness too...
    Makes me want to go to Germany!! It looks so 'Homey' You sound so happy to be there. Thanks for sharing all this and I'll watch for more.
    Have fun with your friends and family.


  2. My first visit to your blog and I will be returning. I too am a Jersey Girl. We own a Victorian Farmhouse in Cumberland County. We got snow here (started yesterday and more predicted today!) - lots of it.
    Enjoy your visit home. Looking forward to more pictures!