February 28, 2010

Finished with THIS snow

But more on the way.  Sometime this week. 
Since it is above freezing, it is melting somewhat.

My son-in-law came over last night and shoveled out another parking area and did a more accurate job of shoveling around my car.  He came with my daughter and the munchkin.  They left the munchkin with me for the night, and they were planning to go to the movies.  As always happens when they plan to go to the movies, they don't.  See a movie, I mean.

A friend came over last night and hung out with us.  We watched the Olympics.  Jackson was spinning, and after being asked to spin the other way, he fell on top of a toy.  He cried!  Oh, I felt so bad.  I hugged him, and within minutes he was asleep.  Which scared me - remember when our kids were small and we called the doctor for a case like this, and were told to keep them up, watch their eyes, etc?

Anyhow, this morning he was fine.  But with a black and blue eye.
Looks pretty bad, but last night I put the 'booboo ice pack' on it, and it isn't as bad as it could be.

see, he's laughing.

And that's him with his parents in the background.
I am waiting for the car service, I have a semi-flat tire in the front of my car and instead of taking the risk and driving to a station, I rather have the tire changed and I will bring it to and have it looked at. 


  1. Oh the fun of being a kid! Glad he's ok. Gotta share the funny first black eye of my youngest..
    He was 5 and got his first one because he'd kissed a little neighbor girl on the cheek. Well, she picked up a training wheel that had just been taken off her bike and hit him with it! So he got his first shiner and it was pretty black. His big brothers still tease him about it (O:
    Lessons to be learned...don't kiss without asking and don't spin around!

    Have a comfy Sunday Ruth and stay warm..