March 22, 2010


All three grandchildren who live in the area spent the night with me Saturday night.  We had fun!  Made the home-made oreo cookies, and went to the playground just down the street.  Then went for the adventure of going between the schools to the baseball field, which thrilled Matthew to no end.
We actually found a huge baseball - my daughter told me it wasn't a softball, which then Jackson didn't want to relinquish.  He loves holding on to things.

On the way to the playground.
Happy kids

Luckily I found another ball, and Matthew played stick ball, since we didn't have a bat.  He was fine with that.  (Note to self, buy some wiffle balls and bats!  - and how do you spell whiffle?)
When it was time to go to sleep, we all piled in one big bed, and I went to mine after the kids went to sleep.  At some point I checked on them, and found Matthew on his back, and Jackson right below him, sleeping between his legs.
We had bagels for breakfast and went back to the playground and the baseball field after that.

Here is what is blooming in my yard now:
 one early daffodil, and the second one was blooming yesterday
The helleborus, of which I am especially proud - Lenten Rose
And isn't the moss pretty?  So green - lovely.

And yesterday, after the kids were all picked up by their moms, a friend and I went to this art quilt exhibit:
And would you believe I forgot my camera?!  I really did.

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  1. time with such cute g-kids Ruth! They have a fun Grama! Thanks for sharing them (o: