March 5, 2010


This week I picked up Jessica from school aftercare.  She already wore her jacket and was ready to go.  Under her jacket I saw a dress I'd never seen.  Thinking it was very pretty, we were walking to the car, when she said 'I am wearing my beach cover-up'.  Recognizing the beach cover-up then - pink, with a ruffle at the below-the-knee-point - I asked if her mother knew she was wearing it.  'No', she answered. 
'All right' said I, 'let's call her and tell her!'
So we call her mother, I handed her the phone, and hearing just one side of the conversation,  Jessica tells her mother that she is wearing her beach cover-up.  'I didn't want to!' she says.  Hmpf.

She hangs up, and I ask what her mother said. 

'She'll have a talk with my dad when she gets home.'

I just had to grin.  We get home, and her dad hears she talked to her mother.  'I thought it was going to be a secret' says he.  'You were going to take it off when you got home, and no one was going to know!'
'But I didn't want to wear it!'  says the five-year-old.

Her mother got home about an hour later.  'Jim', she says, 'in what universe is it all right to let a girl go to school in her beach cover-up?'

'It was the only way I could get her to eat her breakfast'  was the answer.

And Jessica got even stricter rules on what is okay to wear to school.


  1. Funny how little girls can wrap the daddy around a finger so easy (o:
    This was funny...