March 31, 2010


We'll meet tonight for sushi.  At our favorite sushi restaurant.  It will be just the four of us, and we will laugh, talk and eat.  I'm looking forward to it!

My daughter had a dental emergency.  So she dropped Jackson, 2 1/2, off at work for me to take care of.  The building is really old, and the rain comes through, especially when it's raining hard.  He loved running in the puddles!  Indoors....
Anyway, that was no good, so off we went to pick up his cousins from school.  On the way he told me about his fishing experience, and how we all should go fishing.  I asked him who would put the worms on the hooks.  Daddy will put the worm on the hook, was the answer.  And Matthew's daddy will put the worm on the hook.  And no, he didn't catch a fish, he just got bites, he told me.  Next time!

I don't like to go fishing.  I don't mind the worm, the hook, what I object to is actually catching the fish.  What do you do then?!  I made the mistake of getting involved with fishing when my son was about 6 or 7.  Thinking every boy has to go fishing, it's un-American not to,  I bought the rod, line, assorted paraphernalia, and off we went.  Of course we caught fish.  Little sunnies.  I didn't know you were supposed to get them off the hook and throw them back in - how do you get them off the hook anyhow?  That would have freaked me out right there!

As it was, we had a couple of fish swimming in a pail, which my son wanted to eat.  I remember that my girlfriend, who was visiting, had to run an errand, with my son (ha!), and they left me with the fish.  I don't remember what I did, but somehow my son got some fish to eat.  One of those horrible memories.  I think, that was the last time I got involved in fishing.
He got fishing licenses later, when he was a teenager, and he went with a buddy.  He never brought fish home, either, thankfully.  Being German I take that whole thing so literally, if you go fishing, I am planning to cook fish for dinner, of course!  I should have learned from experience...  if I want fish, go buy it.

Anyway, we picked up the cousins, who were delighted, and showed of their running-around-like-only-a-two-year-old-can cousin to their classmates, and then ran to catch up with Jackson.

We played at their house, then had supper together. We tried teaching Jackson the 'going around the table and everyone tell what they did that day' routine, but he is still a bit little.

Oh, what fun the kids are.

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