March 9, 2010

To show what I am working on, I just took some photos:

first the mop covers that I am sewing with a commercial straight stitch machine.

Then the bags, which I am making out of outdated upholstery material pattern books, not one of which is the same
This bag is all finished, the other side is different, of course:

And this I am still working on, just got the patchwork on the outside done:
And the other side:
I have more, I decided to sew the outside first and then worry about the lining.  I usually make an inside zippered pocket, and then add compartments on the other side, if I remember I add a clip to the lining on one side to hang the house keys or whatever else is wanted.
I would appreciate ideas on what else could be done or what they are looking for in a bag.
I also try to make a little bag to go along with the big bag, like a simple zippered bag which could be used as a change holder.


  1. hach, was 'ne Arbeit. Da sieht man mal wieder den Profi :-)
    Liebe Grüße über den Teich.
    Mme Ouvrage

  2. Ruth I LOVE these...
    On the run right now but will be back later and catch up....