March 9, 2010


Hmmm, I thought I uploaded the photos of my snowdrops!  This is the helleborus, unfortunately not the niger variety, which blooms around Christmas.  I had the Christmas variety from my mother's house, but it only bloomed a couple of years, and then decided it didn't like it and disappeared.  This one blooms about now, and the flowers last - oh - until into summer.  I leave them alone, they reseed themselves, and they seem to like it in my garden.
I walked to and around my pond today.  Left the house at 6 AM, and met about 4 walkers.  That will change again come Sunday, since we set our clocks ahead one hour.  It'll be dark on Monday morning again at that time.
It felt good, 'real' walking and not on the treadmill.
I checked in my yard after I got home, trouped over the snow, and found snowdrops coming up in the middle of the snow.  Unfortunately it was too late to run for the camera.

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