March 19, 2010


Google Reader, if any of you use it, is a wonderful thing.

I found my favorites through Google Reader, and it is fun keeping up with lots of blogs, some of which turn out to be really interesting. 

And all the ones I have listed I like reading.

But one of them is totally different, I am always astonished what this writer/photographer comes up with.

Go check it out yourselves!

It is in German AND in English.  To me the fascinating part is that Smilla approaches total strangers on the street and asks them to pose.  And they do!  Smiling!
Which says as much or more about her as it does about the subjects.


  1. Oh Ruth, I need to go see her now. I laughed at the thoughts of people posing for a stranger..that would be fun..
    Come enter the giveaway again!
    Have a great weekend...

  2. WOW!!! Just went there and I'm in AWE! Don't have time to look at all of it right now but I followed and will check back later. I hope it's ok to share this with my other followers...
    Cause I'm going to!!

    Thanks Ruth!

  3. ok me again...I was going back through your posts to find something to share with people so they will come here and meet you. And I found this...

    Which five blogs will you throw the stick to and why?

    "Deep breath in and here it goes:
    One to All My Yesterdays
    because she responds, seems lovely, knows life, seems to have a similar life to mine"

    RUTH, I never got anything on this and must not have visited that much for responding! It was awhile ago...was I suppose to do something along with it? I'm sorry I missed it. Let me know. Oh, and go see the post on my Change in a Bottle're the star...