March 6, 2010

Spring? Maybe?

It was lovely today.  I had Matthew and Jessica overnight, and we slept in the pull-out bed in 'Murphy's' room.  Murphy is a tomcat who died last year.  The kids call it Murphy's room, just to give it a name.
They fell asleep last night as soon as they laid down.  Really.  And I only let them stay up until 9:30 - wasn't that late, right?
This morning we ate bacon and pancakes, watched the birds outside have breakfast too - the woodpeckers are really hungry, I also had a red-wing blackbird come to the feeder, a really interesting bird, just like the name!

Then I drove them to gymnastics, which Jessica does, and then a little bit to the mall before we parted.

I went home, and hung out in the afternoon with a friend.  We dropped off her sewing machine, which never worked right, to be repaired.
Came home and made these awesome home-made Oreo cookies, the recipe which I found here
Oh, my, they are worth it!
And I am not a particular fan of Oreo cookies, but these ---- yum!

And now I am calling Jackson's mother.  I haven't heard from her today!


  1. I've had 2 grand kids since Friday morning so haven't been blogging much. At 8 and 9 they keep me busy doing something. You know how that is. Just got them to sleep so thought I'd check in. The cookies look so good, I'll have to try some too. Hope you heard from your daughter....
    I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. The first giveaway ends then the second begins (o:
    Stay tuned, the story gets interesting...and the giveaways better.
    Have a good Sunday and take care of the birds.

  2. hmmm...die sehen aber lecker aus! das wäre was für holger!