March 11, 2010

More Spring!

It seems like we have the jump on spring here on the East Coast.  For the moment, anyhow.  I hear cold, cold and more cold from my European/German friends.  And that is unusual.

At some point while blogging I had promised myself I wouldn't blog about the weather.  I mean, everyone has weather, right?  And we all talk about it, but don't do anything about it!  (old joke)

What I found unusual as I was looking for signs of spring in my snow and ice covered backyard is what I want to show off:

Snowdrops, coming right through the ice/snow!  Amazing.
They melted the ice right around them, it seems.  Vicki, this one is for you!
And this is my Christmas or Lenten Rose.  I can't wait for it to bloom, this one I got at Harkness State Park in Connecticut two years ago this Memorial Day?  Or was it the 4th of July... I can't remember.  Anyway, they had a plant sale there and I bought this Lenten Rose, it's a hybrid.  Of what?  No idea.  It runs on very little gas!

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  1. Oh, so sorry I didn't get here earlier..
    THANKS for the *Snow Drops*..haha
    Love them and wow, they really live up to their name! Now I'll go read the newest post..