March 24, 2010

oh, nothing....

What's wrong?  Oh... nothing.... used to drive me crazy, and I know that I used to do it as well....  Just an aside.

Working hard, on my mop covers.  Sewing the elastic around them.  Did, I think, 300 of them today up until now.  I want it gone!  Linda, who works with me, tells me I do them so much faster that she doesn't want to interrupt the flow.   Good one.

I went to my sewing machine fix-it place.  I made the mistake of asking about a sewing machine, a 'house' machine for at home, since I want one with all the bells and whistles.  Buttonholes, fancy stuff.  After being told for the umpteenth time that those machines are crap, Mel dragged me up the stairs and showed me a sewing machine.  I'm still drooling.  Unfortunately it just sews straight.  But oh, how great!  It's in a table, has a setting on speed - and goes as fast as any commercial machine.  Of course in reverse too.  The motor is separate from the head, it's part of the table.  And the motor only comes on when you give it 'gas'.  What a nice machine!  Would last forever and ach, just great.

He also promised to check with a friend of his on one of the 'crap' machines that his friend imports.  I think I'll start with that and then save my pennies for the workhouse.... which would cost as much as a low-end embroidery machine.  But, oh, so worth it....

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  1. Forgot to say on the last comment how pretty your flowers the snowdrops.. :D

    I hope you get your 'Dream' machine soon. You must love sewing. So what are mop covers? And 300 of them?? WOW!

    I'm headed to a class for Excell so I'll check later. Hope you're having a great Wednesday..