March 16, 2010

Nor' Easter

We had a Nor' Easter over our area this weekend.  It started Saturday, and drenched our tri-state area in up to 6" of rain (15.25 cm).  Had it been snow, we would have been shoveling 3 - 4 feet.  I have to say, living on a 'mountain' has its advantages.  One of them being there is no flood.  The water in the basement never materialized, so all was good with the world at my house.  The electricity flickered off and on very briefly, it did knock my cable out.  My daughter's mother-in-law is still without electricity.

Now I have to wait for the cable repairman on Thursday.

But there is quite some damage in the area.  The major highways are more crowded, because some of the more secondary, but still important, roads are closed.  Because of flooding.  Quite a few trees came down, we saw one yesterday, Jessica and I took a walk down the block from where she lives and saw a tree that had fallen across two yards, damaging the houses in the fall.  Not bad, but damage.

And yes, two people in our area died, a tree fell as they were exiting their car.

And the waters are still rising, and the paper announced that this may be the worst flooding ever.

You get the idea with the fallen trees, right?

Some other news, also not good:  The daughter-in-law of a friend of mine had/has cancer.  She was pronounced cancer free last October.  It came back, and I heard yesterday that it might be terminal.  She is the mother of twin girls, turning three in April.   What can I say to that?  That is tough.  A really hard road ahead. 

Anyway, I hope your day is wonderful!
I am grateful for the sunshine today, and the possibility of 60 degree plus weather by the end of the week.

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  1. Oh my good Lord Ruth, I'm so glad to hear you're safe and not under a tree! I heard on the news how bad it is back in that area and wondered how close to it you were. Glad you're staying warm anyway. Good time to read a book!

    So sorry about your friends DIL...that's a tough one. Cancer hits so many people....

    Ok, take care my friend and keep me informed on your nor easter's