March 3, 2010

Maybe spring?

It was snowing again this morning.  But I bravely ignored it, drove to work, and only went outside once.  Muddy!  That means it's not freezing, and for the weekend they are predicting balmy weather.  Balmy weather!  In this neighborhood!  In March!  Unheard of.  Maybe I'll see the ground in the yard....  Nah, never happen.

I am daydreaming of winning the $100+ Lottery going on.  What would I do?  First thing, buy a ticket to Maui.  Non-stop to Honolulu, and then island-hop to Maui.  For sure.  Anyone wanna come along?  Drive the road to Hana, and then continue on....  Sunrise on Haleakala - swimming in the warm Pacific... life is hard.

Then.... new car, trip around the world, oh, I would find ways to have fun. 

Anyone else playing the lottery?

1 comment:

  1. I'm packing already!
    Let me know when we'll leave...
    Oh, the fun of day dreamin...

    Dream on my friend...with a smile (O: