March 28, 2010

Moseying to PA

My friend Sherri bought a new truck.  Her husband was working and she wanted to try it out.  So we took a ride to Stroudsburg PA, where we wanted to go to the above store.  Boy, what a nice selection!  Of sewing machines, fabric, and vacuum cleaners.  
Sherri was hungry, so first we had lunch.  Then we walked Main (or Broad) St. up and down and admired a closed town.  

One finds a lot of German names in Pennsylvania.
Then we spent time in the store.  And yes, I walked out with a sewing machine.  Not expensive, but a nice machine, electronic, with nice features.  And since it was used, and had a mark, it was decidedly reduced.

But first, more Stroudsburg:
Then, rather than going straight home, we stopped in Columbia, PA, and walked across the Delaware River on an old railroad bridge.  Sherri was seriously skeeved out., not comfortable at all.
Lots of water - the river is definitely looking like a serious river and not like the gentle river that has people tubing gently in it!  This is near the Delaware Water Gap Recreational Area, one of the most used National Parks.  The Appalachian Trail crosses the Delaware Water Gap.

After we got home we played with my new sewing machine, tried all the stitches and sewed a surprise for the kids for Easter (nothing big).
I still want to make these:
I saw these at the sewing store, to store 'stuff' while sewing.  Great idea.  And they hold to the table by a weight.
We went to supper about 15 minutes away, to a Malaysian restaurant.  I'd forgotten about it, and I had forgotten how good the food is!

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  1. Oh, I love the variety of places you have to go visit. You saw where I least 15 miles from the nearest store..and hours away from another state...So I'm glad you share these things. And a new machine? wootwoot! You'll be sewing up a storm now. Still wondering what mop covers are...

    Have a good Sunday Ruth. oh, and come over to and enter the giveaway (o: