October 30, 2009


Tomorrow.  Halloween.  Was never one of my favorite holidays.  When I was a kid, we didn't have halloween in Germany.  And when I came to the States, I thought it was strange.   Of course I celebrated it with the kids, walked with them in the neighborhood, ate their candy, once they were asleep (like you didn't know!).  But I was never crazy about it. 

I love Thanksgiving!  I wish I could have it at my house every year, but I have to share.  And with some of the parents not being able to get around so well, my house is not the easiest to get in and out of.  And it's small. 
Twice we went to the Thanksgivings Day Parade in New York, it is easier to watch at home, though.  One year I went with my friend and her Dad and my kids opted to stay home and cook Thanksgiving Dinner.  No, they said, we'll stay home, you go and have a good time!

No clue where Thanksgiving will be this year.

I will be walking with the grandchildren and their parents tomorrow,going trick-or-treating, in a nice neighborhood with lots of houses close together, and every house will be decorated and have someone give out candy.  That part of it is fun.

On Sunday I will watch the kids again, their folks are going to see the President speak.  I have no clue where yet (and I'm not going, so no worries), and when.  They'll tell me when I will be getting the kids!

Exciting stuff.  I'll go next time for sure!

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