October 25, 2009


Rhode Island, is where we ended up.  At the cradle of the industrial revolution, for real. 
We chose to do the Black River Tour, which is a scenic route from Providence to - I forget, somewhere in Massachusetts.  We stopped in Pawtucket at the visitor's center, and never got any further.  The young lady who led our tour made it so interesting, and was so personally engaged in the subject, that our tour took 3 hours. 
We started at the Slater Mill in Pawtucket, with the little red house Mr. Slater first lived in when he moved from England to the States.  Typical colonial style house, with the herb garden, etc.  I got to try an old weaving loom, and I spun a few strands of linen.  She demonstrated how the linen/flax was grown, and then threshed to get to the silky strands.
We then moved right to the mill, with a water wheel, which was turned on, and sounded like church bell.
And then she was off - leading us through the exhibit, turning on machines, showing us samples, a just amazing and thorough tour.
And I will post pictures and tell more about it.
Now Linda is getting up, and we're getting ready for breakfast.

The day looks calm after yesterday's rain, and I'll have to grab the camera and take more photos of the lake.

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