October 13, 2009

I'm baaaack!

Nice.  It was nice.

We walked every morning.  Up to the gorge, which was only 1/2 mile away.  And then through it, all the way to the end and back.  Awesome scenery.

The hotel was nice, just as last year.  The beds are awesome.

We drove to another wonderful spot
and stood on the top with our mouths open.

And then asked how to get to the bottom, and did that.

We tasted wine all around Lake Seneca, and ate lunch (at 4 PM) here

We found a great place to get grape pie, with two lovely sisters, who could have been longtime friends of ours here

We saw butternut squash for $1/piece, and loaded up the trunk with 10, plus one pumpkin.

We drank wine, and bought enough to make us worry our suitcases wouldn't fit.

We picked grapes, and were reminded that grapes aren't flavorless like the ones in the supermarket.  They tasted like grandma's, which she used to make grape jelly.

We saw colors!  Fall - the best.

We laughed at lot.  We ate a lot.  We giggled, and I took too many pictures, as usual, if you want to see, go there

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