October 1, 2009

I get it!

I'm having such a hard time learning blogging! I can't believe it. I picked up all that stuff oh, almost 20 years ago! Computers, software like office, we played with the first Apple computers to come along. We still used floppy disks which where bigger than CD's now. And all of it came pretty easy for me. That is, learning where to point the mouse took me a while.
So I thought it might be intuitive to learn how to blog, but it's not! Getting the photos to line up, and adding a link - I have to go for 'help'!
And no, I'm not asking my kids. First of all, I don't think they know I'm keeping a blog, and secondly, I don't think they are interested.
Anyway, this is my challenge for my 'old age'.
To include the links - pretty easy once you figure it out, but to get there!

I should really be blogging both in German and in English. I am reading several interesting blogs in German. They have a dialog going, sometimes I wonder why they just don't pick up the phone and talk to each other that way. Hmm. Since I'm dialoging with myself, I don't really get it. Maybe I should call myself?

The blogs I read in English are interesting also. Not so much dialogue with other bloggers, though. Mostly just day-to-day happenings, recipes, how-to's, directions, and lots of show and tell. Which I like, being a show-and-tell person myself. I love taking photos, I have my little camera on me most of the time. I'm not so good taking pictures with the cellphone, since I don't have any way to download them other than to send them, and I don't have the 'pix' feature in my plan.
My 'little' camera is so dinged up, that the display is starting to show wear and tear. But as long as the photos are fine, it doesn't matter.
I'm still sort of wondering, why I am blogging. Should I talk about my dilemmas? At my age dilemmas aren't as traumatic as they used to be. You just deal with them, and then let them go. The secret of how children turn out also is not a secret any more, and the secret with the grandchildren not as ... hmm., now I'm stuck for a word - not as tension filled as it was with my own children. I know it'll turn out all right. They have great parents who care a great deal about them. And they will be fine.

Okay, that's enough musing for today!
for really great pictures, click here:

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