October 5, 2009


I got it! That's what my blog is for, stories!
There are stories to tell. Stories from my life, stories from my kids lives, stories I heard from my parents.
After all, I'm the last one who remembers a lot of these stories. And instead of telling them when asked, I should write them down.

So, the first story is for Jackson:
I had fun with you on Saturday. I came up to Ramsey on a cloudy, damp Saturday morning. Your Mom checked the train schedule, and we took the train from Ramsey to Ridgewood. We tried to teach you to stand behind the yellow line and wait for the train, but two years old is very young to take that seriously, and you forget!
You were very excited to be on the train, and focused on the ride. When I asked you, if we were going fast, you ansewred 'es', which is your 'yes' - so darling.
We got to Ridgewood, and we went to the toy store, where you played with the Thomas the train set. Like you don't have one at home!
When I asked you, which engine or cabin you wanted, you told us 'Emily', even though Emily was in your hand, because she is one of your favorites.
We had lunch, and ice cream in Ridgewood, and then went back to the train station, where a family was also waiting for the train. You started to play with the other kids, and were upset when the train came and you had to leave.

Your Mother and I wanted to go to the Christmas shop after, so that's what we did and you were very good.

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