October 28, 2009

Love letter to a newspaper

I have to share something:  I love the New York Times!  I love reading it on-line, I love that I don't have to recycle (which is the reason I gave up getting papers years ago), I love the way they write, I love their excellence in reporting, I love their photography - most of the time, I do wish they used more and bigger photos, but it's all right.  I love their editorials, I love the tech pages, I look forward every Sunday to the  weddings page with the high lighted story about the couple, which isn't always brand-new, sometimes with a long and twisted way to finding each other.

Newspapers are dying left and right.  I'm sort of surprised that the papers are complaining about their decline.  Isn't the drive to live more cleanly, use less resources, make everything more efficient?  Well, getting rid of all the printed matter, the trees being felled for paper, the ink, the delivery of paper, it all uses enormous resources.  And the Internet is faster and cleaner.  What's the problem? 
Like I said, I gave up newspapers years ago.  When I figured out that the one that the only one who recycles in a household is the housewife, and no one else bundled the papers, and lugged them out front, I had had it. 

Anyway, I should say, I like newspapers on-line.  Not the pick-up-in-your-driveway kind. 

And on top of the on-line papers is The New York Times

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  1. funny you should write this...your ears must've been ringing b/c I metioned to Gert & Margaret something about you & the NY Times & Margaret wes very impressed that you read that paper...I then told them that you read it ON-LINE to boot!