October 21, 2009

Trip with Mom and Dad

My daughter came home last night from work.  We were already sitting at the table and eating.  While her husband and I eagerly wanted to know all about her day, the kids were into their own world.  Since they are still little enough, they were indulged first, and got to tell about their day, Matthew's book report, Jessica's accomplishments in making a pony tail.

After everyone settled down, the Mom announced that the kids (5 and 7) were coming along on a train ride, and have an overnight stay at a hotel to Washington, DC next week, didn't have to go to school for two days, and would be attending a ceremony where their mother was being honored.  The reaction was priceless.

Matthew protested that he didn't want to miss school, and especially didn't want to miss gym.  Jessica also wanted to stay home because she wanted to go to aftercare.  Neither one wanted to sit through a ceremony, and they didn't care who would be honored.

I was howling with laughter.  It made my evening.

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