October 22, 2009

The Germans

My daughter and her husband went to the German Consulate today.  A cousin of mine died about a year and a half  ago and since he didn't have a family, his cousins were all inheritors.  Since it was very complicated, and of no real value to anyone, all the cousins declined the inheritance, all their kids did, and they did it for their children as well.  Well, I got asked if I had children,  I answered yes, I did, and even gave names and addresses (which really I didn't have to, they just asked if I had children, not for the rest).   I also made it a point to tell the German office to please write my kids in English, since their 'legal' German was nonexistent. 

Of course they got a lengthy letter in German asking if they would accept the inheritance.  Since they had 6 mos. to answer, they dragged their feet.  Finally daughter number 1 went today in NYC to the Consulate.  The form to decline is available in German and English.  No, said her husband, I am NOT signing anything in another language.  He has a point, one can say it's says the same thing in the other language as it does in English, but that really is a leap of faith.  So they signed the letter in English only.

And the official accepted it, because how can you argue with that logic.

I am curious to see what happens.

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