October 15, 2009

Rain and maybe snow

Hard to believe.  I talked to the Germans, and they are expecting snow.  So are we!  We never have snow in October!  Brrrr, it's chilly and nasty outside.
I got my walk in this morning, it's still dark when I start, and barely light when I get back.  I guess I won't mind the time change at the end of the month, maybe it'll be easier.  I have to convince myself to step outside.  But can't give up on all that work I put in for almost one year.

I never did cut the grass one more time.  And after this weekend it'll be time to rake....

My girlfriend found a boyfriend.  Yup, at our age.  She was giddy in love last weekend, calling him three or four times a day.  I guess some things don't change, no matter how old we get.

And my other girlfriend got worse.  She doesn't walk much anymore, hardly got out of the car, even at the beautiful spots.  She only came out at two of the six wineries we stopped at, and she did none of the gorges, not even the couple of steps from the car to the viewpoint.  That's so sad.

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