October 19, 2009

Oma alone

Oma alone at home, that was me this weekend.

I had Matthew, Jessica and Jackson, and we did all right.

Friday night I was at Nicole and Greg's house with Jackson, and we picked up Matthew and Jessica Saturday morning after Jessica was done with gymnastics.

We went home, had lunch, and then went to the Children's Museum of NJ, which was crowded with regular visitors, the folks there for the birthday parties and the little ones in Halloween costumes for the Halloween spectacular.  Jackson loves the sandbox there, and that's where we spent most of our time.  Wandering through the other rooms was fun, but since it was so crowded, the kids had to wait their turns, and then make sure they didn't spend too much time, so the next group could do whatever they wanted.

On the way home to meet Jackson's grandma for pizza we came across a band competition, and one of the bands we saw was this one 
Matthew and Jessica's mom was in the band while in High school, and I have fond memories of being a band parent.  So we stopped, and watched the above band.  And another one.  The kids were totally impressed that their mom did something like that.  And Jackson wanted to climb the bleachers.  Which is one of the dangers still left in public in American life.  A two-year old could easily fall between the steps.  I am surprised they haven't changed that.

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