October 29, 2009


Yesterday I picked Jackson  up at day care.  He was funny.  Gave me a big smile, but continued playing.  When I said 'let's go home', he answered 'mommy'.  No, I said, I'm taking you home.  Let's go!  I started to get his things together.  A little two-year old girl knew where his things were and pointed it out. 
Finally he was ready.  Off he went, when he is ready to go, he runs. 
We met his mother at Joann Fabric.  Where he loved it.  running up and down the shelves with the quilt material and pushing the signs in front of the shelves back and forth.  He could have done that for hours.

We had steak at the house, white acorn squash baked with butter and maple syrup, and rice with peas.  Delicious!  And I got a hug and a wet kiss when I left to go home.

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