November 2, 2009

Halloween, Newark Visit

It was a big weekend!  Saturday I got to see my three grandchildren go trick-or-treating.  The weather held, it rained right up to the point of trick-or-treating, then it stopped.  The kids had a great time.

our little ballerina

our Mickey Mouse

and 'David Wright', our Mets fan.

then there are the Omas
and the haunted houses:

Yesterday, after I washed off my make-up, I drove back to the kids house and babysat while their parents went to see:

Yes, it's from the left Newark mayor Cory Booker, Weintraub running for Lt. Gov., the Prez, and Governor Jon Corzine.  And the photo was taken by my daughter.  The seats were good, as is her camera.
And here is the cheering crowd I know:

A good-looking gang.
While I went to the park with the three kids, with the red wagon, which I pulled sometimes, and then it was pulled a good part by the littlest one.  I warned all oncoming pedestrians that he wasn't so good in judging where he was going, it was their job to get out of his way.  After we played on the playground, went through the woods, we wandered home again, but not before the littlest one found a mud-puddle which he had to step through.  No choice on my part.  No, words didn't work.
Some lady looked a bit aghast, and I cheerfully told her 'I'm not their mother!'.  Which is true.  I'm their grandmother.
No, no photos of that.  My peak days with three kids are over!  No watching them AND taking pictures!

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