November 6, 2009


I found out what the grandchildren did yesterday, the museum it was.  Not the ship.
I was talking with my son last night, and telling him about the doings of his niece and nephew, and was sorry that they didn't go on the ship.
His answer was:  'The ship will never, ever - NEVER, NO NEVER EVER come back to New York.  No, this was their last chance.  They will never, ever see the ship in the city again!'
I laughed.  That's so him.
He told me about his little one, he is 17 months old and in daycare.  He is the next to the youngest in his group.  The Teacher had the kids all around and asked one of the older one, what sound does a sheep make?  Nepomuk was the one to answer 'baaah', next what sound does a cow make?  Moooo, from our little guy.  Yup, only 17 months old and he is a chatty little guy. 

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