November 4, 2009

Election over

And the Republicans won.  Jon Corzine is out.

And life as we know it, will continue.

On Monday I was at the grocery store here in Irvington.  I was admiring this in a display.  They have weekly specials of this china, and I do collect it, when I see it at garage sales.  Now I need it like I need a hole in the head.  Really.  Cupboards  are full, guests few, and I have enough dishes to last me two or more lifetimes.  But a sale...  what a quandary!

Another shopper came up to me and asked what I was looking at.  The dishes, I said.  She told me that she eats from paper plates.  Uses the silverware, but not dishes anymore.  Hmm.  Okay, I get that.  Not wanting to do dishes - there is something to that.  Then she told me that she just had her 79th birthday.  The next birthday was going to be the big one.  And that she is proud, she still lives by herself.  Takes a bath every morning, gets dressed and doesn't complain.  And no, she doesn't want to live with her kids - one 'bitch' in a house is enough.  That's the way she put it.  Her daughter is her bitch in her house, and if she moved in, she would have to live under the top-bitch.  We laughed, all she wanted was a little company, and off she went.
Both of us happy we made someone smile.

In the meantime, I decided NOT to buy those dishes, even though you may purchase them one piece at a time... nope, going to be strong.

I still love my dishes, collected over umpteen years, started with a set of six plates, mugs, and dessert plates given to me in 1985 (still thank you, Linda!), then added to by trips to Mettlach in Germany, huge warehouse sales in Parsippany, and a couple of pieces in V&B outlet stores.  I can't believe I have those dishes almost 25 years!  And I love them.

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