November 23, 2009

Family Weekend

It was a family weekend.  On Friday we got together at my oldest daughter and family's house, with my son and his family.  My son-in-law's parents were there to see my youngest grandson.  The kids were playing, the oldest grandson went to cub scouts and took his dad and his uncle, we had stuffed shells, and home-made pumpkin pie, and chatted.

Saturday my middle daughter and family and my son and family came over to my house for dinner. Yes, I did make the brisket, but had acorn squash and broccoli rabe as the veggies.  And a salad.  We tried the rose I brought back from Germany (it was yummy), while the guys stuck with beer.  A friend joined us for dinner, and we had fun watching the little guys play.  Nibby, the German Shepard, was there as well.   The parents went out to meet friends later, and the little guy went to bed, while the older of the little guys had a hard time going to sleep and finally made it when I laid down with him.  The youngest is just adorable, with a ready smile for everyone, and he is very advanced with his talking.

The little one and the dog got picked up, and the older of the two spent the night.  He decided the night was over at 5:30, and sat glassy eyed until he had his milk and french toast.  He did miss the fire truck that his uncle took (because it had belonged to his - the uncle's father), but was okay.  We drove to NYC, to see the trains in the Botanical Garden, which are on display every year around Christmas.
While we were waiting for our friends, I took him out of his car chair, and he was able to just climb around.  I walked across a few steps to pay for parking, he didn't want to come, and he climbed in the front seat, and started tooting the horn!  Every time I turned to him, he laughed and stopped. When I got back, I asked him, what he was doing and his answer was:
'I honk horn, and people laugh, ha, ha, ha!'  I cracked up.

We met friends with 4 1/2 year old twins, and started the tour.  Oh boy, that was fun!  I had primed him that the trains were only to look at, and we kept repeating it, so he was fine just admiring them.  And admire them he did.  The accurate copy of historic houses and buildings that the trains are set in, are just marvelous.
The houses are made out of material found in the park, seeds, twigs, leaves, and pine cones.

The kids enjoyed themselves.  The Children's section of the garden is just a marvel, with rocks to be climbed, nests to be experienced, water, ducks, observation spots, a building with books, microscopes, seeds, gingerbread houses, and crafts. 
We tried to take it all in.  The little one all the while carrying Emily (Thomas the train), a truck, and a tape measure.  No, he didn't want to put it in a bag, no, he had to carry those things.
After we played and saw everything, we headed out to get pizza.  On the way to the restaurant he fell asleep.  And I decided to bring him home.  No sense waking him up to be miserable, he had a long morning and needed his rest.
I was so tired last night, I was in bed at 8:30 PM.
How was your weekend?

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