November 16, 2009

Washington, DC, Maryland

Friday we drove to Maryland.  It's over 250 miles, which according to our nav system should take about 5 hours.  Of course that never works.  While driving through Philadelphia we needed gas.  So off the highway we went, into the city, forever it seemed like, found an (expensive) gas station, got gas, and asked our helpful navi how to get back on the highway.  It sent us from PA over the bridge back into NJ - where gas is cheaper, AND they put it in your tank, and then back over another toll bridge into PA.  So, don't always go by the navigational system!  It's a dumb computer!

We did make it to MD, and were greeted by Noah, his mom, Nibby the dog, and not so much by the cats.
Noah recognized all of us, greeted us by name, which is remarkable, since he is only 17 mos. old.   His mom had made a wonderful bouillabaisse for dinner, it was amazing.  One of those dishes one orders in a restaurant, but never makes.

The boys - a two and a half year old, and the one and a half year old (they are exactly one year apart, share the same birthday) checked each other out, but sort of didn't play with each other all that much.  They watched Thomas together, played with Nibby together,  and were really good.

On Saturday we went to Washington.  We decided on the Building Museum, because it has a play and built area for little kids.  We got there - the building was being set up for a special event, and the kiddie section was closed.  Big disappointment on our part.


So the Museum of Natural History it was.  Crowded, but the little guys seemed to enjoy it.  What I liked was that there was a shanty choir singing, with the Museum having amazing acoustics.

Back home again for some more play for the little ones, and a great dinner - pulled pork - and then some TV - would you believe we watched 'Alaska State Troupers'?  Yup, pulls you in like the 'Ice Road Truckers'.

Before you knew it, it was Sunday, and time to go home again.....

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