November 11, 2009


Tomorrow in two weeks is Thanksgiving.  And we haven't decided yet where it'll be.  My oldest daughter is in Scotland at the moment, she'll be back on Friday.  Friday I'm driving with my second daughter to MD to visit my daughter-in-law and the little guy.  So there won't be a decision until the weekend at the earliest.

I should just have it at my house. I have tons of dishes - finally, and enough chairs, and I love to cook with a plan... the turkey, cranberries, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows, gravy, rolls, green beans, and at least two different pies...
And I would love to, except my house is hard to get into for my s-i-l's parents. 
Linda just suggested that the 'big boys' just pick the Dad up, and bring him into the house.  Well, that works for me.  I hereby suggest it.
Oh, my son is in Japan, China, and Korea this week.

 My back still hurts a little.  I was at the mall last night, to get the little one in MD something (an Oma can't come empty handed, I can't just bring my body), and as I was walking through Macy's, I saw the massage chairs.  Some lady was testing them, and recommended I try one.  I did.  All three of them.  I'm not sure it helped my back.....
I did go for my walk today.  I walked counterclockwise around the pond, and it was 8 ladies and me walking around the lake.  Oh, and one dog.  It was drizzling, kind of raw, typical November.  If it wasn't for Thanksgiving keeping us focused on a celebration, it would be dreary.
How far are you Thanksgiving preparations?

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