December 1, 2010


We are not really busy at work.
So I made myself two fleece jackets.  I like fleece because it keeps me warm, and it's easily washed, it's inexpensive compared to wool, which is also harder to take care of.  And it's dirty and dusty were we work, so fleece and warm underwear in winter are the ideal work clothes.
It also appeals to me that some of the fleece is made from used water bottles - recycled.  While cotton is wonderful, breathes, etc., it's also one of the dirtier ways to manufacture cloth.  Cotton workers may get 'white lung', which is the same thing that miners get, except it's from working with cotton.  And it's no longer processed much in the States, it grows here, gets shipped to China, or other countries in Asia, and then gets shipped back.
I guess unless you keep your own sheep, shear it, spin it into knitting wool, and make it yourself, there is not much that is friendly to our earth.
Anyway, I made two jackets.  I have been bored with the single-color fleece jackets, it seems like I'm putting on a uniform every morning.  I found some printed fleece on sale over the long weekend, and couldn't resist.  I made the jackets without a pattern, I just copied the design of a jacket I was wearing, and since I have  a long(er) torso, and it looks better on me anyway, made the jackets longer.
The zippers I had found a while back, they were on sale for $1/piece - separating zippers are usually expensive, so I'm glad I found a use for them.
Take a look:

Not bad, right?


  1. Very nicely done. I'd never be able to make anything without a pattern. You have a very special talent.

  2. Chic, Deine Jacken. Gefallen mir sehr, sehr gut.

    Liebe Grüße aus dem total verschneiten Bayern, Ruth(y)

  3. Ja, das Paket kam dann am Samstag...schon lustig, wo die Dinger rumreisen, Dorsten liegt im Ruhrpott.

    Liebe Grüße, Ruth(y)

  4. Wie - Dorsten? Das ist bei mir um die Ecke!

    Sag mal, dein neuer Header, ist das Bad Sinsheim oder das Dorf im Hunsrück?
    Das passt ja richtig zum Advent.
    Deine Jacken sind große Klasse, ich singe schon(auch wenn ich von der Chorprobe heiser bin) Lass die Sonne in dein Herz!....

    Bei uns liegt auch Schnee und wir hatten heute minus 8 Grad, dazu ein ekliger Ostwind, so dass man das Gefühl hatte, es sind minus 14 Grad.

  5. Hab Deine mail bekommen, aber hatte noch keine Zeit und keinen Kopf :-) zum schreiben. Aber ganz bald!!
    GGLG Doris

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