November 30, 2010


The walk around the pond this morning was accompanied by a call to my cousin Marianne in Germany.  We talked the entire 40 minute walk, and had a great time chatting, Happy Birthday, Marianne!

Matthew discovered my webcam and google-chat yesterday.  We video-chatted with Cathie and  Thomas, saw the pigeon that lives in their Christmas wreath on their door (I want photos, please).  Thomas went and got it, and we saw it with our own eyes!
After that chat, Matthew wanted to chat some more with someone else. And requested a web-cam.
I got back, and he already tried to chat with me --- see above, I was out.
I created a chat-addict!

On another note, I follow a very interesting blog Annekata, and in this entry she makes these beautiful stars.  I remember making them as a child for the Christmas tree out of gold paper foil, and her blog entry reminded me of that.  I happen to have 12" square white craft paper, and I made two stars so far, and they came out beautiful.  All that's left to do is to attached red thread (of course!), and to find a place to hang.
Thank you, Annekata!

1 comment:

  1. Havn't you got Skype?
    You write google-chat.
    I suppose, there are many occasions to chat with headset and webcam.

    Stars made of gold paper, yes, we did it too at school. I've still some from this old times.