November 12, 2010

Some Fotos of 'Home'

From a mountain/hill (depends where you grew up, for some it would be a mountain, for some a small hill)
View is toward the village (now town) where I grew up
This is from the Hunsrueck Museum in Sobernheim
My Mom had wanted to visit.  She'd never been there, and she enjoyed it.
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I had taken the kids there in the 1980's, when the museum first opened.
We liked it a lot, and it has gotten bigger since, and is just a lovely museum - open air -
to visit.
If you live near there, here is the website

Oh, not the Hunsrueck Museum anymore, it's called the Rheinland-Pfalz Museum.
In any case, it's lovely.
More photos, if I find the ones I'm looking for later.

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  1. Hey, da müssen wir mal hin, wenn wir wieder bei unserer Tochter in Nierstein sind.
    Von dort aus kann man eine Menge unternehmen.