November 21, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving Visit

We got all the kids together on Friday evening - all my grandchildren so far.  Isn't that exciting?  I think it is.We went for serious, and then they were allowed to goof around.    What a fun group it is!
And here are the proud Moms:

And it was too late in the evening to go for a formal portrait, I'm so happy with this one!
One family was busy for the weekend, so the rest of the group met to go to a Childrens Museum, where everyone had fun.  
Nicole with the 'hooter hider'.  Really.  That's what it's called, the cloth to cover yourself and baby when you nurse.

And here he is, up until now the youngest.  Isn't he cute?

And two little boys, looking like they are the best of friends (which really, they were) back at home, playing with Play-dough.
And Noah and his Mom and Nibby, the German Sheppard, went home this morning to pick Daddy up from the airport.  He is eagerly awaited by the whole family, having been away for work for almost two weeks.
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  1. was ein schönes bild von der rasselbande! :-)

  2. New news!
    I looked every day...
    Five grandchildren. Live is live....
    You've had a wonderful weekend together, it looks so fine.