November 6, 2010


My kitchen will be revamped today.  Help is on the way!  I decided against switching out the counters.  I don't think the granite counters will fit, the pieces are the wrong sizes.  And I like my white counters, nothing wrong with them.
So I will get a new sink, a new faucet (sink and faucet are leaking), and hopefully my dishwasher fixed.  Even though I live alone, I miss the dishwasher.  It works fine, just doesn't drain properly.  It has to be some clog, right?
I made chili yesterday.  And I thought I made enough to have leftovers.  No!  It was so well liked, that every last crumb disappeared.  Jessica and I made corn muffins, and they were scarfed up as well.  The only one a little bit reluctant to try it was Matthew, but even he managed to eat some chili (without the beans).  We are all so ready for the winter dishes!  I announced that meat loaf would appear soon, and everyone was delighted.

And totally random, I've been thinking about this, I want to show some of my old photos.  In this one are my grandparents.  It's their wedding photo, and they got married in 1906.  (OMG, that is a loooong time ago!).

I also should explain, that my mother was their youngest and seventh child.
I do remember my grandparents.  My grandfather was a cobbler (shoe maker), and he still had some of the tools.  My grandmother ran a small grocery store before WWII.  They were evacuated during the war, and their house in Koblenz got hit by a bomb, and burned out.  So there are no memories of my mother's childhood, no dolls or books, nothing survived.
In their retirement they lived with first their firstborn daughter, and then another daughter.  I do remember them well.  I was 16 years old when my grandfather died.
This is my memory of them:

New York Marathon tomorrow.  Which also means: don't forget to turn the clock back!


  1. Wow, Dein Headerfoto ist toll. Ist die Zeitumstellung bei Euch erst dieses Wochenende? War bei uns schon letzte Woche.

    Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Restwochenende,

  2. I love old photos and enjoyed seeing your family. I should get more of mine scanned too. I guess I'm 3/4 German since family on both sides came from Germany through NYC and settled in NJ. I still remember as a child our church had a German service.

  3. What is with your kitchen? Will it be renovated?
    I love old pictures.
    Oh, their house in Koblenz was bombed. That's so bad. No memories, nothing left. That hurts.

    I've been in Koblenz several years ago.

    Nice pictures of your grandparents. Thank you for showing ♥