November 28, 2010

Advent, Christmas, presents....

And it's Sunday.  I'm working on Christmas presents.  I am making crib sheets for Evan, as requested by his Mom.  He spits up a lot, and she has to change the sheets constantly.  I got some cute flannel fabric for $1.29/yard, and am making them (how hard could it be to make a crib sheet?).  Good thing I told his mother, because the first thing she said was 'you are putting elastic all the way around?'.
No, I wasn't, but now I am!
A friend was over yesterday, not feeling on top of the world with heartache, and as she was resting on the couch, I got my artificial Christmas tree up.  All done and decorated.

And I'm making bibs for the spit-up baby, and maybe..... well, I better not give all my secrets away!

 Hungry squirrels that came to my door.  The big chunk of birdseed fell apart, and they came to eat the leftovers.

 The crib sheets, bundled together with strips sewn together from the corners, totally green!
 My Christmas tree
 vintage ornament
 Some of my favorites

1 comment:

  1. Hey, du bist ja schon ganz schön fleißig.
    Krabbelschuhe für den Kleinen, süüüß.
    Dein Baum schon fertig, der sieht ja toll aus.

    Und graue Eichhörnchen, ach das sind die größeren, die wir lieber nicht haben möchten. Denn die verdrängen die braunen und dunkelbraunen in England schon total.
    Aber schöne Aufnahmen,
    dir einen schönen Advent ♥