November 7, 2010

Woods, Light, etc.

Yesterday morning as I was waiting for my helper, I admired the light and colors outside. I happend to spy something outside, so I grabbed my camera and checked. Now, I live in a fairly large community, but it is deceiving. The houses are next to each other, and not all that far apart, but they are surrounded by trees, and we have little spots of woods.
Wildlife wanders in and out, deer, fox, the ocaissional bear, wild turkeys, woodchucks, racoons, skunks, and chipmunk are around. The deer are turning into a pest, and I've come close to hitting one once or twice within the last few weeks.

Well, check out the photo above!

And here is the close-up:

A buck!  And he was chasing a doe around and around a tree.  At which point I decided they needed their privacy.
Now remember: No big walk, no stalking the deer, just out my back door in slippers.  
How awesome is that.

And this because blue is my favorite color.  And against the light: beautiful.
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  1. That's amazing. What a beautiful animal. Be careful driving though. I remember some years back when someone here was killed when they hit a deer and it came up and through their car windshield. It was on a very main street and not where I would have expected deer. I believe the deer here are a lot smaller than the ones you have up there.

  2. Heiderney, der Hirsch ist ein Prachtstück. Hoffentlich lebt er noch lange.
    Was da bei euch so nah am Haus ist, ist ja toll.

  3. Hope, you are fine!