November 14, 2010

Found it!

Saturday was a total washout for me.  I caught the bug that was going around in Jackson's daycare.  He'd passed it on to his little brother Evan, his Dad and his Mom and was generous enough to share it with me as well.  Not fun, feeling sick, spending almost all day in bed.
But I did want to finish the story or love letter to 'Heimat'.  I was looking for the photos of the house that was built especially for the last series of Heimat.  My brother Claus took me to it, on one of our many excursions in the area.  We'd hop in the car and just go somewhere.  Usually we ended up in the hills over the Rhine River, since it was close and it always spectacular.

 That's Oberwesel
 And this is the house built for Heimat, now it's a restaurant, from what I understand

Of course there are more photos, but these were the ones I was looking for.
My brother and I wandered all over the place.  
And it was quite difficult to find these, since there were lots of visits over the years, and
I didn't remember which year.
More some other time!

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  1. Schöööööööön. liebe Ruth, danke, dass du nicht aufgehört hast zu suchen.
    Tolle Bilder, ich bin begeistert.
    Der Blick auf den Rhein von fast überall.
    Sind ja Herbstbilder, passt zur Zeit ja bestens.
    Ich umarme dich, das sind so schöne Erinnerungen für dich, toll.
    Viele liebe Grüsse
    deine Bärbel