December 7, 2010


Christmas is coming closer and closer.  The weekend was ... busy.
Chuck and Sue came up from MD with Noah for a dinner with the sisters, their husbands, and more friends.  Nicole and Greg came over Saturday with the boys, and Erika and Jim in the evening with Matthew and Jessica.  Matthew, Jessica and Noah spent the night, which meant getting up extra early Sunday morning.
Oh, and Nibby stayed with us as well - a 100 lbs + German Shepard. I'd forgotten how busy three little ones can keep you!
 Chuck and Noah looking at my slideshow
 One of my stars
 The boys watching Dora in the kitchen (I love my little TV)
 Noah saying 'cheeeese'
 And the littlest so far (who, btw, seems so much better that I keep kidding the parents that someone came in and swapped the baby for a 'good' one!
 more watching TV
 Evan being held, not crying!

 Drawing and Lego fun with Matthew, Jessica and Noah
One cookie baked, just one batch, the ginger snaps from here
Sunday I spent more time with Jackson and his brother, and it is truly wonderful how happy Evan is becoming.
The whole weekend was like a Christmas present by itself.
Spending time with all the kids - priceless.


  1. haha...wenn jeder 3 bekommt wie du einst, na dann viel spass liebe ruthi! ;-)) viele grüsse aus dem hunrück!

  2. Volles Haus, kann man da wohl sagen.
    Und alle zufrieden und fröhlich. Wie schön!
    Uuuund alle gesund, das ist ja das wichtigste.
    Ich glaub gern, dass das wie ein Weihnachtsgeschenk war.