December 10, 2010


... I talked with my brother Claus this week for a long time.  He was telling me he puts apples out for the birds as well, some birds like them.  Since he gave me the idea, I thought 'why not'.  Put out my cut apple, thinking it'll be a while before it's gone.  No!  Every apple I put out is gone by the time I get home.  I am curious, who takes the apple -- so far I haven't caught the apple lover at it.
Tonight I'm having two little boys sleep over.  Their parents are hosting a Christmas party for their friends to show off their decorated house.
Tomorrow?  I had thought to go to the city and see the tree (New York), but I'm going to Philadelphia on Sunday to see the Cleopatra exhibit.  Maybe next weekend....


  1. say HI to cleopatra for us! und schönes wochenende und viel spass mit den jungs!

  2. Volles Wochenende!

    Wie war die Cleopatra-Ausstellung.
    Mensch, da fiel mir doch nicht railway station ein, lach.